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Why Us

*Our Wireless system was specially designed for Sports Bars, Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Waiting Rooms, Lobbies and anyplace with multiple TV displays.

*Water resistant and static free design for your enviroment.

*We have been in R&D and manufactur Wireless Audio system over 10 years.

*Our wireless systems are proven reliable which has been used in sports bars, fitness centers, restaurants and tour guide companies.

*We use global universal frequency(2.4Ghz) to design our systems which no frequency limits to use in anywhere of the world.

*Our systems are the most 14 transmission channels in 2.4Ghz frequency.

*100 Meters far transmission range(LOS) from your TV display to the table top Speaker.

*The stereo CD quality sound and digital transmission technology of our wireless system made us different with the similar systems in the market.

*We select High capacity, Light weight, Smaller and Safer li-polymer battery for our system.

*Simply, Durable, Portable, Compact and Cost effective design for your facility.

*FREE Branding service to custom your brand on our table top speaker....It's absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.